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Almost everyone has heard and read about the impact of big data on business large and small.

From the web giants to wall street, businesses everywhere are investing in big data and analytics to better understand their customers, optimize their business processes, and gain new insight in real time.

What’s less well known is the dramatic impact big data is having in the industrial sector – especially on Original Equipment Manufacturers, or OEMs. OEMs of all types, serving almost every industry, are literally re-inventing themselves and their business around the power of big data and analytics.

And in many cases, it’s not the type of data you would expect.

Many people believe the explosive growth of data is driven by smartphones, tablets, and other consumer devices. And that’s true. But the fact is, consumer produced data data is already dwarfed by the sea of data produced by machines, industrial devices, computer and network devices, and sensors. In fact, the research firm IDC estimates that the vast majority of the data universe will be made up of machine or sensor produced data.

And just what sorts of data will all these machines produce? Location data, environmental data, condition data, velocity data, event data, and more.  All of this data is useful in and of itself.

But when the data sources are combined and correlated in real time, the business potential becomes staggering.

GE – a pioneer in this area – predicts that  the industrial internet (a term they coined) will drive the next significant leap in productivity, on par with the original industrial revolution. Sensors on large industrial equipment like turbines, locomotives, aircraft engines can predict failures, reduce maintenance time, optimize performance – all in real time.

Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturers can instrument massive voice and data networks to provide a better customer experience. Healthcare providers can embed sensors into the human body to monitor health and provide proactive healthcare. The possibilities are endless.

What more, these technologies will be deployed on a massive scale – think smart cities.

Entire metro areas will implement real time traffic management systems to reduce commuting time, fuel consumption and air pollution –  let alone stress.

As you think about who will be leading the revolution in big data and analytics, don’t be surprised if you find some old school Original Equipment Manufacturers companies right out there on the cutting edge.

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